Obsidian Mercury

Welcome to Obsidian Mercury, a company committed to creating conscious jewelry for the conscious consumer. We create a number of patterns using authentic precious and semi-precious stones in an effort to offer unique patterned jewelry that is practical in usage and looks, as well as being attractive to individuals particular about their accessories. All of our products are original, handmade, non imitation, and naturally produced (meaning no lab created gemstones).

What is Conscious Jewelry?
Conscious Jewelry is a creation of jewelry that facilitates particular metaphysical effects upon the aura and other energy bodies.  Our ancestors have long recognized the utilization of gemstones in their daily lives and had multiple purposes which included facilitation of a healthy body amongst others.  We create our jewelry as a compliment to your sense of fashion with the additional boon of the esoteric value hidden within.

Rose Quartz Necklace

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