Obsidian Mercury

Our Conscious Jewelry is completely hand crafted, made to be unique and different than most other conventional jewelry.  Our jewelry holds meaning and purpose, to bring people into a higher consciousness while allowing for ones individual sense of style to show through.  We work with authentic precious and semi precious stones of different varieties and work toward introducing new types all the time.

Energetically, these precious and semi-precious stones are believed to carry with them a vibrational property that facilitates a sense of change in our lives. Each stone has a specific meaning and energetic all its own; crushed and used in elixirs by ancient civilizations to help fortify the body internally, used in rituals, and worn for various reasons - we bring to you our own particular patterns and styles to enjoy either physically and/or metaphysically.

Note: Gemstones are naturally occurring minerals and because of this, each single stone has a unique pattern. Images provided by this site are a representation of the finished pattern only.

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